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See "Environmental footprint" in our FAQs for more information.
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We have answers to the most important questions about our express connections.

What are express connections?
DB Cargo operates a logistics network that covers Germany and Europe. The express service finder shows you our fastest connections. Even if you just have one wagon to send, you can still be part of the sustainable network. You do not need a private siding because DB Cargo organises the first and last mile links to the nearest rail access point for you. This saves you valuable time. When you order a service from us, we collect the goods from your premises or production facility and bring it to the final destination with minimum fuss and maximum speed. DB Cargo takes care of everything, and we tailor transports to suit your specific needs. Simply visit our website to find out more about our express connections.
What are the first and last mile sections of a transport?
If your dispatch or destination address do not have direct access to the rail network used for an express connection, DB Cargo will take care of things by transporting your freight by lorry to the nearest rail access point. After your freight completes the rail section of the journey, our lorry service collects it at the transhipment point and brings it to the final destination. These sections of the logistics chain are called "first mile" and "last mile" respectively.
What are the dispatch and destination addresses?
The dispatch address is the location from which you want to send your freight. The destination address is the location to which you want to send your freight. Lorries collect freight at the dispatch address and deliver it to the destination address. These addresses do not have to be a freight station, a dispatch station or receiving station.
Why is this information commitment-free?
DB Cargo's freight timetable is provided for information purposes only and is meant to serve as a guide for planning. The listed times may change depending on the type of freight being transported, service to customer siding, available capacity and other external factors. The timetable is updated regularly as these conditions change. Therefore, detailed information for connections which fall outside the window of the current timetable is sometimes unavailable.
Why can't I enter a specific date and time?
This service uses a fixed timetable for its fast connections. This means it is not possible to select a specific time slot. Our system displays all suitable and available connections after you enter the dispatch address, receiving address, operating days and times. We are constantly expanding our timetable so we can offer you an even larger network of express connections in the future.
How do you calculate the environmental footprint (CO2 emissions)?
By choosing rail, you can reduce your CO2e emissions by 80% compared to other methods of transporting freight. The emissions values provided for individual connections are calculated based on the relevant transport route and corresponding transport method, an average transport load of 100 tonnes and greenhouse gas emissions values for various modes of transport (in CO2e). The source for our emissions values is the German Environment Agency. To calculate the emissions of your own freight transport, please use EcoTransIT World. Note: CO2e (CO2 equivalent) is a unit of measurement which allows the effect of different greenhouse gases to be compared. To calculate emissions values, the German Environment Agency has converted the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) into their CO2 equivalents.
How do I make a transport enquiry?
You can make a commitment-free transport enquiry for any connection. The connection data you select will be automatically included in your enquiry. Once you complete and submit an enquiry, a DB Cargo expert will contact you as soon as possible to offer services that suit your specific needs. If you have been unable to find a suitable connection, you can still contact an expert at any time. This person will help you with your enquiry or assist you in finding a suitable connection.
What are services like on public holidays?
Please note that the connections indicated here may vary on public holidays, as public holiday arrangements are agreed following consultation with our customers.